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Birds Blossoms and Branches | Rub-On Transfer | Dixie Belle

Birds Blossoms and Branches | Rub-On Transfer | Dixie Belle

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Introducing our groundbreaking 4-sheet set of small Rub-On Furniture Transfers, each measuring 6x12 inches: "Birds, Blossoms, and Branches." This delightful set features charming birds perched on whimsical branches, surrounded by pink and light blue blossoms, as well as a striking black and white floral assortment.

Designed to add a touch of nature's beauty to your chalk-painted furniture, this versatile transfer set extends its application to glass, metal, fabric, and various craft projects, allowing you to explore a world of creative possibilities.

Let your imagination take flight as you adorn your furniture with the adorable birds and blossoms, creating an inviting and serene ambiance in any space. The pink and light blue flowers add a delicate touch of color, while the black and white floral assortment brings a classic and elegant charm to your projects.

Crafting has never been easier – simply rub these transfers onto your chosen surface, and watch the intricate designs come to life with lifelike precision. The professional finish will amaze your guests and leave them wondering how you achieved such artistic mastery.

Embrace the beauty of nature with "Birds, Blossoms, and Branches" Rub-On Furniture Transfers, and elevate your creative projects to new heights. Whether you're refurbishing furniture or crafting unique gifts, this set is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or artisan. Experience the joy of creating with this captivating transfer set today!

The Transfer is 6 x 12 inches divided into 4 sheets for easy application.

How to use transfers: A quick tutorial.

Remove the white backing before you start rubbing it on. The transfers stick quickly and cannot be moved. Identify your target area before you remove the backing and place it down.

Wait at least 24 hours after painting to apply the transfer.

Seal your transfers after they are on your projects. It is fine to seal with wax after application of transfer but we recommend Dixie Belle Clear Coat. Glass windows or mirrors do not need to be sealed.

Don’t use oil based poly to seal. When poly is recommended for sealing it is water based poly. Transfers do not like oil based products.

*Seal your transfers after they are on your projects. I recommend Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin or Flat. NOTE: Gator Hide is not recommended for use over transfers.